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Snow Watch – 2006/07

January 17 Update

A week of cold weather and some natural snow has put the snow totals and conditions at ski areas in Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula in the best shape of the season. The number of runs opening this week and the new terrain will be quite dramatic as many ski areas reach 100 percent capacity or get close to it. More natural snow is expected Thursday night and Friday, so if you have been looking for perfect conditions this is the weekend you will have a good chance of finding them.

January 11 Update

Lots of snowmaking and some natural snow this week. Most ski areas in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula have been able to expand ski terrain during the week. Over all conditions this weekend should be the best of the season so far! Take advantage of the extra day and have a great Martin Luther King Holiday weekend.

January 7 Update

Click for Ironwood, Michigan ForecastFinally, a promising five-day forecast. Should be significant expansion of the ski terrrain through Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Highs in the U.P. are forecast to be below freezing during the week (allowing for a good deal of snowmaking) and lake effect snow with moderate to heavy accumulations predicted. The forecast is similar for Northern Lower Michigan – highs generally around freezing or below with low in the 20s. Snowguns should be able to pump out some snow and new runs should be opening. Also some lake effect snow in the forecast of Northern Lower Michigan.

January 2 Update

Click for Traverse City, Michigan ForecastCan you say unseasonably warm temperatures? Well we’ve got unseasonably warm temperatures stuck in our throats for another 2 or 3 days. Colder temperatures and some chance of snow is in the forecast going into the weekend. With the colder temperatures Northern Lower Michigan ski areas may be able to open up additional terrain for the weekend.

The Western U.P. did receive from 5 to 7 inches over the weekend and both Indianhead Mountain and Big Powderhorn Mountain are operating at or close to 100 per cent. Upper Peninsula ski areas should be able to gain some terrain going into the weekend.

December 30 Update

The Upper Peninsula continues to fare better than Northern Lower Michigan with regard to the snow and cold. A nice snow storm just before Christmas has helped Indianhead Mountain and Big Powderhorn Mountain in the Western U.P. boost their open terrain to close to 100%. Unfortunately, the Porkies and Mt. Bohemia, without the benefit of snowmaking have not been able to get slopes open. Some snow is in the forecast and temperatures should allow for more snowmaking.

In Northern Lower Michigan, ski areas have been able to make some additional snow during the nights. This has helped them open additional runs. The expanding of terrain may have to wait awhile, as the five-day forecast calls for some rain and nights with lows above the freezing mark.

December 25 Update

Merry Christmas, Everyone! The holidays are a lot happier in the Western U.P. with the 12 inches of snow that fell on Friday night and Saturday. Ski areas in Big Snow Country are having a White Christmas on and off the slopes. (If you are a nordic skier, Big Snow Country is where you will find your own White Christmas.) Thanks to some great snowmaking, ski areas in Northern Lower Michigan have a White Christmas on their slopes with a good number of runs open for holiday skiers. There should be some cold nights for snowmaking in the U.P. and Northern Lower Michigan, so the ski terrain should expand as we go into the holiday season.

December 22 Update

Currently (Friday afternoon) we’ve got rain moving through Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This is supposed to be followed by heavy snow in the Western U.P. (up to 10 inches and more) and moderate to light snow elsewhere. Colder weather follows with some lake effect snow likely. Ski areas should be able to start making snow again this weekend. All ski areas in Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are reminding skiers that they were able to make a lot of snow earlier in the month and that they have a good number of runs open and they expect to open more runs by the Christmas Holidays. It is a White Christmas on the slopes of Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Below is an image that we grabbed from the Nub’s Nob website. Nub’s Nob, of course is reknown for their snowmaking. The photos below show the power of snowmaking to transform bare and brown terrain into a skier’s winter wonderland.

Visit the Nub’s Nob Website

December 21 Update

Looks like we might get some natural snow falling on the slopes on Friday and Saturday in Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Chances are best in the Western U.P. where the forecast is calling for up to 7 inches of snow on Friday and Saturday. This will be followed by colder temperatures (for additional snowmaking) and possibly lake effect snow. The forecast looks good enough for Indianhead Mountain in the Western U.P. to predict that they will have 90 percent of their terrain open for skiing on December 27.

In Northern Lower Michigan, there is less snow predicted and it will start out as mixed precipitation. As in the U.P., colder temperatures will follow the snow during the weekend and ski areas in Northern Lower Michigan should be able to make snow at night this weekend and going into the holiday period. Most ski areas should be able to open more runs for the holidays.

December 20 Update

If you are looking for a White Christmas this holiday season, you will be able to find it on the ski slopes of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Snowmaking is progressing nicely in the Upper Peninsula. Indianhead Mountain in the Western U.P. was able to make snow on Sunday night and Monday during the day. They will be making more snow the rest of the week and they are expecting some natural snow this weekend. They are opening new slopes daily and expect to have 90 percent of the mountain open by December 27.

In Northern Lower Michigan ski areas have been able to make snow at night this week.

Colder weather is expected for the weekend. Ski areas may be able to make snow day and night this weekend.

Indianhead Mountain Snow Report: 11:45 am Wednesday December 20 — LODGING STILL AVAILABLE FOR HOLIDAYS! CALL 1.800.3INDIAN Opening Leelinaw today. Snow forecasted for Friday and Saturday. Friday we will add the Winnebago Double lift. By Sunday the 24th if not sooner, we will open Tomahawk, the West T-bar and the Totem Pole Beginner’s Area. Tuesday will add Old Flambeau., the quad and Magic Carpet. Wednesday will open F.I.S. and Winnebago with Timber Wolf Terrain Park opening also. Stay tuned as we may add runs earlier than expected.

December 19 Update

Snowguns started blasting out snow last night in Northern Lower Michigan. Temperatures will be rising during the day above freezing, so they will be turned off and then started up again on Tuesday night. Overall this should allow resorts to open up some new runs going into the weekend. Snowmaking has progressed even more in the U.P. Indianhead Mountain was able to keep their guns going Sunday night, all day Monday, and Monday night. They are planning to open more runs for this weekend.

From Cary Adgate, Olympian and Boyne SnowSports Ambassador — We Still Have Winter — Be careful about relying on weather reports and news stories when making your skiing and riding plans. This weekend, for example, you would have missed out on some very good fun – and a sun tan as well. Despite the fact that we had a shot of “duck-friendly” weather last week, we still have great coverage and winter snow conditions – even if it was the early-March variety of winter.

Conditions have moved to packed frozen granular, softening nicely by mid-day – and daytime temperatures rising into the 35-45° range.

Except that the angle of the sun is a little lower, you might think it’s St. Patrick’s day. Check out the photo I shot today.

Cold nights are forcast, so it looks like it will be possible to add some more December-like snow on top before Santa shows up….. Read More From Cary Adgate

December 18 Update

They started making snow last night (Sunday night) in the Upper Peninsula and snow guns were blasting today at Indianhead Mountain and other resorts in the Western U.P.. Hopes are to make snow night and day for a couple of days at least in the U.P. In Northern Lower Michigan, the forecast calls for temperatures dropping down into the 20s tonight (Monday night) and snowmaking is planned to start back up in Northern Lower Michigan tonight. Not much natural snow in the forecast going into the weekend. Temperatures should be cold enough during the week so that the resorts should be able to open a few more runs with man-made snow. Happy Holidays! Keep the snow dances going!



Thompsonville, Mich. – Most of the state is still dreaming of a “White Christmas”, but it’s a reality at Crystal Mountain which has 42% of its ski terrain open with up to 30 inches of base.

An abundant production of manmade snow during the first week of December has made it possible for Crystal to remain open despite unseasonably warm temperatures during Old Man Winter’s hiatus.

In fact, temperatures below 28-degrees permitted the snowguns to fire on Monday night with more snowmaking opportunities forecasted for 13 of the next 15 days.

Crystal Mountain currently has 13 slopes open (expert, intermediate, and beginner runs) and five chairlifts in operation.

The lifts will run from noon-8pm this week before shifting to regular season hours (9am-9pm) on Friday, December 22.

Visit the Crystal Mountain Website

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