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Mitten Kidz – Joan O’Neill

Mitten Kidz – Start teaching your toddler to ski now… indoors
It all starts indoors with a toddler By Joan O’Neill – Mitten Kidz We had our youngest on skis and on the bunny slope this past March, at the age of 15 months. But I would be kidding you if I said it was anything more than a photo op and perhaps future fodder for [...]

Mitten Kidz – Save Money by buying snow gear now for next winter
Calling all gear hounds. Just because winter is over it doesn’t mean you can’t still shop for it. Now is the perfect time to buy your MittenKidz their next winter’s outdoor wear and score some savings! Most retail stores have already changed over to summer – but comb their sale racks in the back [...]

The Hula Hoop – Ski Tips from Mitten Kidz
By Joan O’Neill – Mitten Kidz My skills at the hula hoop have always been nil. I would watch in envy as friends, obviously more flexible than me, orbited the hoop around their midriff for what seemed like hours. Looking back, my hooping moves likened more those of the “Elaine Dance”  (of [...]

Starting them young… getting your child into snowsports – Mitten Kidz
By Joan O’Neill – Mitten Kidz We enrolled our three year old, Soren, in his first ski lesson the other day. We’ve actually had our son on the slopes since he was 19 months old, however this was his first true lesson, taught by a teaching professional and made official by a [...]

Joan O’Neill is a member of North America Snowsports Journalists Association and the author of the blog, MittenKidz.com. A 20-year veteran of the Michigan ski business, O’Neill has taught and toted kids of all ages about various Michigan ski areas and resorts and provides a weekly Michigan ski report to several radio stations across the state on the Michigan Talk Network’s Michigan Morning Show. A big proponent of getting out and having fun in Michigan, no matter what the season, O’Neill herself started skiing with her family at the age of five, and has had her oldest son on skis since 19 months. Son number two, just over a year, will soon be on his way, she says.

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