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Holiday Photos From Big Powderhorn Mountain

Farewell 2008…
December was good to us with a lot of snow but 2008 is done so now it’s time to see what 2009 has in store for us – it’s off to a great start! We’ve got lots of snow and very good conditions. Our New Years Eve fireworks really launched the new year off with a bang. If winter is being a bit iffy in your part of the world, come and see what it’s like in Big Snow Country.

Dec. 21 – Making a mad dash to get the skis on.

Dec. 21 – It was a little hard to see through, but a lot of fun to play in!

Dec. 24 – Kids are always worried about Santa being able to find them when they are up here…

Dec. 24 – …They don’t realize that he KNOWS how to find out what they want and where they are on Christmas!

Dec. 28 – After a couple cloudy days, the sun came out and gave us a great day.

Dec. 28 – It looks like good weather with a bit of snow up through New Years Day.

Dec. 30 – More of our wonderful Holiday snow really put the crowds in a good mood.

Dec. 30 – Everyone on the beginner slope thought they were in a snow globe.

Dec. 30 – We had a great turn-out for our New Years Eve torchlight parade and fireworks show. Lots of Booms and color that lit-up the entire village.

Dec. 31 – Some serious glitter in the final barage. Thanks to the Spielbauer Fireworks crew for another amazing show!

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Summer Photos From Big Powderhorn Mountain

It’s Still Summer But We’re Getting Ready…
We hope your enjoying a great summer! It seems to be flying by way too fast. We’re starting to do some of the “get ready for winter jobs” around here now. The trails are being mowed and we did some work moving the big rails in Oxbow Park. Last year the park was a bit random so this year we are trying to make three distinct lines with the features so you can get more hits out of a run. We’re also moving the starting ramp back farther to make more room. The goal is to better utilize the natural terrain with the features, make it so we can get the park open faster with less snowmaking, and have a better park. Thanks to those of you who wrote-in with ideas on how to improve the parks. We’ll keep working to make them better.

07/29 – Relocating the battleship rail to its new home.

07/29 – Moving the big rails to the center of the park should make for better rider access as well as make it easier to get the groomers around them.

07/30 – Placing the rainbow in its new spot.

07/30 – One of the park regulars checking out the new set-up.

08/01 – The big rails are in place and the skirting is re-attached.

08/01 – Mowing the trails has started again. Fall is not too far away.


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