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Boyne Highlands Resort is a family-owned, four-season resort offering the most skiable acreage in Michigan and the highest vertical skiing and snowboarding in the Lower Peninsula. Additional winter activities include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, tubing, Zipline Adventures and more.

Thursday March 15th, 2018 - 4:26 pm

Boyne Highlands Resort

We had a blast at Brewski and there is still more fun to come! Krazy Days is this Saturday and you won't want to miss any of the action! #Brewski #KrazyDays #ItsRightHere ... See MoreSee Less

Boyne Highlands

Wednesday March 14th, 2018 - 3:58 pm

Boyne Highlands Resort

Sure, Boyne Highlands closes this Sunday, March 18 - but that doesn't have to be the end of your season! Our sister resort, Boyne Mountain Resort has a great offer that may interest you.With a douse of fresh snow this week, we're just gettin' going on spring skiing!

Ski and ride this weekend and every day for the rest of the season for just $99 with a Spring-a-licious Pass.

But get 'em while they're hot!
This deal disappears FRIDAY: bit.ly/SpringIsDelicious
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Sure, Boyne Highlands closes this Sunday, March 18 - but that doesnt have to be the end of your season! Our sister resort, Boyne Mountain Resort has a great offer that may interest you.


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Really stinks the Highlands is closing best spring skiing ahead of us😂Stellar day today🎿

Why closed so early?

It's not the same!! The Highlands is so much better than the Mountain! Plus now I'll have to drive farther away from home to go skiing at the Mountain. 😢 Last year I got to ski at the Highlands on my birthday on March 23rd! Guess I won't be able to this year 😭

Laurie Rich Watson You’re gonna just make it! So freaking jealous! 😩⛷🎿🥂

Phil Flyer

Rick Vaillancourt

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Wednesday March 14th, 2018 - 11:40 am

Boyne Highlands Resort

Tomorrow is the last day to pre-register and save $10! Get your team together and get signed up for this awesome event!

5th Annual Friends & Family RaceMar 18, 11:00amBoyne Highlands ResortThe Friends and Family Race at Boyne Highlands Resort has quickly become one of our most popular races of the season. As in the past, there will be a "Friends" division and a "Family" division with teams comprised of up to four ski racers. There will be prizes in each division as well as a “non-NASTAR handicapped” winner in each division. This race is open to ski racers and snowboarders of all ages so, get your team together and enjoy a fun day of racing at Boyne Highlands. bit.ly/5thFFRace
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5th Annual Friends & Family Race

Wednesday March 14th, 2018 - 10:46 am

Boyne Highlands Resort

This week's #HighlandsHighlight comes from our Instagram follower @GrantAKoster! He's out enjoying this spring weather on a new board! Thanks Grant! ... See MoreSee Less

This weeks #HighlandsHighlight comes from our Instagram follower @GrantAKoster! Hes out enjoying this spring weather on a new board! Thanks Grant!

Tuesday March 13th, 2018 - 4:09 pm

Boyne Highlands Resort

2018/19 Season passes are now on sale! Buy now: bit.ly/BHEarlySeasonPass ... See MoreSee Less



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It’s pretty obvious that Boyne has no idea what they are doing. They keep changing the prices and adding blackout dates. They think the season pass holders are clogging up the slopes on Saturdays, and certain holiday weeks. Why sell season passes if you can’t make them a good value? Money hungry. Boyne needs to figure out if they are a ski area, or a golf course.

WoW Huge Price increases and no family pass are the reason we will not be renewing our season passes after 10 plus years. Not to mention the mess of construction next year. If anything I would have thought there would be discounts

Boyne Resorts owns 9 ski resorts throughout North America. Their two biggest competitors offer passes (Epic and Ikon) valid at 25+ locations with limited blackouts at a lower price point. The fact that Boyne is trying to hype a 2 resort pass is a joke.

😕 super bummed that you aren’t offering the family pass again. That’s the only way our family of four was able to ski so often this year.

Have any current pass holders seen the new rates? Just curious on their thoughts.

Wow! A 30% increase in Price for an adult unlimited pass at Highlands and this is the early Sale? Are your resorts Too Busy and want to limit local season pass holders? Very disappointed multi season adults and kids pass customer...

I agree with Mary. This past season the Silver pass did not have any black out days at the Highlands. This coming year they do so I'm not buying a pass.

Agree with all above...that is an insane increase. A lot more than nubs for our family of 6.

Boyne can you add a 4 related people living under one roof pass??🤗

Boyne you are going to loose in the end by raising family passes as recently published. Your price increases are no longer affordable for average families. Shame on you !!

Current season pass holder I drive 4 hours every couple weeks to go ride at highlands. How in the world can you justify $300/night stays in an outdated hotel and a $150 increase for season pass holders. For those prices people can get multiple season passes at competitor resorts. Beyond bummed

I get that Boyne believes that the family passes were under priced last year. We didn’t get one, but they were a steal for those that did. But this is an over-correction that I hope is reconsidered. 90% increase for junior passes is bonkers. The other Highlands-exclusive options also saw massive increases over one season. It’s one thing to adjust for the market, but the perception on this is bad. Thankfully it’s not too late to make it good!

Wow ... way more $ than the previous 2 ski seasons, this is not affordable for families anymore the cost has doubled. Very disappointing.

Why would you piss off your loyal season pass holders??? It's just bad business!! You've taken away perks every year with regards to season pass holders. We fought hard for you to extend the family pass last year at the highlands and now you want to make it unaffordable for families?? We've been very loyal to the highlands the last decade, but don't feel at all appreciated. Greed is not a great business model. Shame on you!

I inquired about why the Family Pass was going away and was essentially told by their top leadership that they “could not effectively define a family”!?!! So they would rather cancel a Pass and raise rates (over 200% for a family of 6) then fix something many mountains have figured out!? Consider this, if “the airplane is not full” (and there weren’t other more reasonable options), then this sort of increase is crazy given the lower rates at MANY competing resorts in the MIDWEST!! Please reconsider the pricing strategy!

I emailed the owner and he stated their 'pricing was unsustainable and overly generous' last year. Thus the 65% increase. Uh thanks??

What a HUGE disappointment to see these rates and the disappearance of the Family Pass!!!! Very bummed and will not likely be skiing Boyne for next season.

Thanks for our best ski season yet! Sad to see it end.

Boyne Highlands Resort it’s clear based on how defensive your responses are that you know what you are offering is not competitive. $700 for 2 Michigan resorts and $950 if you add in the Mountain Collective is not competitive. Everyone, keep pushing friends and family to contact the resort with your concerns. As an owner, I will make sure our concerns are addressed in the upcoming meetings. These actions have impact on occupancy rates and will suppress property values. Not acceptable.

Please be kind to Mari, the pass office, simply the messenger(s)

Last time I rode at Highlands I got a concussion and got knocked out from one of the new jumps in the terrain park. I don’t even remember what happened and my brother failed to capture it on video (amateur). This is how you repay me for my dedication to checking the safety on your new jumps?! I won’t be getting knocked out again at Boyne any time soon!

Family pass?

We now have to consider Nubs based on these prices

Did I read your Gold Pass right, a 25% discount at Crystal Mountain in Michigan? Should that be Crystal Mountain Resort in Washington? Wouldn't that be similar to McDonalds giving out coupons to Burger King?

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