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Shanty Creek - Snowboarding and Terrain Parks

With six terrain parks, Shanty Creek leads the way for freeriders and twin-tip skiing alike. Boasting a variety of ever-changing rails, boxes and tabletops, our parks are groomed daily and maintained by our knowledgeable staff. Our park design staff attend Cutter's Camp, where the industry's leaders share best practices to improve the terrain park experience.

This season Schuss Mountain introduces The Monster Energy Park--a combination of three distinct parks: Purple Daze, Boulevard and The Natty. Purple Daze features boxes and rails including a 35-ft battleship, a 40-ft roller coaster, an S-rail, a C-rail, and more. A long jumpline runs the length of Boulevard. The Natty Park offers rails and boxes created from all-natural materials like split trees, stacked trees, and boulders. The Monster Park is sure to create one monster experience.

New in 2012-13 will be The Big Air Launch Pad featuring a 25' and 40' booter. Located behind Ivan's, the Launch Pad will offer spectators great views of riders and skiers best big air moves.

Park newbies will be able to approach park riding on smaller jumps and low rails and boxes in the Low Rider beginner's park.

Summit Mountain features a park set on Helm's Gate. With an assortment of jumps and park features, park riders can experience their favorite skiing while overlooking the beautiful view of Lake Bellaire.

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